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Re: Etch with braille support?

Hi Samuel,

> Just to make sure: have you tried Sarge's access floppies ?

I tried the access floppies in February or the beginning of March.
Shortly before the partitioning, the installer hung up.

As test environment, I once had VmWare and once a real PC. During both
tests, the braille display Braille Star was used.

Apart from that, I think that an installation CD is a lot more modern
and way easier to handle. I had to try a couple of disks before I found
one that actually worked. *wink*

I think the number of Braille displays supported by BRLTTY 3.4.1 is
sufficient. They shouldn't be a co-criteria.

On my homepage <www.linux-fuer-blinde.de> I am currently offering an
unofficial CD for Woody and I would like to provide a support for Sarge,
too. As the disks did not work at my place, I cannot recommend them.

Best Regards, Simon

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