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Re: Installer for the blind forr Sarge

Hi Samuel,

> At last, I can answer to this: official debian installation images now
> include brltty.
> For now, only daily builds include it starting from today.

I downloaded the current version of the business card CD:

At the boot prompt I entered the following:

install brltty=ht,ttyS0,ge

BRLTTY did not start. The request with

install brltty=ht,,ge

did not help either. I performed the test with VmWare.

Doesn't the Business Card-ISO comprise BRLTTY or do I have to use
different parameters for booting?

By the way, does the next Ubuntu distribution support an installation
via Braille display? As both distributions are set up on the same
installer that should be possible.

Best Regards, Simon

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