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Re: Etch with braille support?

"Simon Bienlein" <s.bienlein@gmx.de> writes:

> What do you have to do to install BRLTTY and that it gets started if you
> restart the computer?
> I though a few adjustments at the installer would be necessary.

Debian-Installer is quite modular, we mostly just
provide some scripts and files in the udeb (the package of
BRLTTY for the installer).

> Would it be possible to adapt an official CD for the instalation of
> Sarge? If yes, I would be grateful if you could send me any
> instructions. I would provide the CD at my server so others can download
> it from there.

No good idea, since sarge contains brltty 3.4.1, which does
not really support most USB devices.  What you'd end up with
is an installer, which supports more display types than
the installed system, which is pretty problematic IMO.


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