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Re: Web browsing

Mario Lang <mlang@delysid.org> writes:


> Well, the most important differencies for me are that links and
> w3m render frames on-screen, lynx does not do this.

Well, it's not always the case : I've tested on a webmail site
(webmail.insa-lyon.fr, an IMP server if I remember well), and w3m
printed something like "--FRAME--" with a kind of frame menu below.
On the other hand, links came over this and asked directly for
user/passwd.  Lynx first asked for cookie stuff (since I didn't check
any default before), went on the main frame I guess, but didn't render
With w3m, when you choose a frame to jump into, how would you reach
the others without having to fake a "go back" with key B ?  It's where
I'm looking for a kind of "frame ring".

I've noticed too that w3m provides prompts/editor to fill forms
whereas lynx/links simply write into them if your cursor is OK.
Globally, w3m's cursor is free, not lynx'/links' one as it jumps from
object to object.


> BTW, talking about lynx, links, and w3m, we should not forget:
> w3-el-e21 and w3m-el and surfraw

Sure.  I use to play with w3m-el, but I'll try the others (surfraw
package description is very funny :-)).

Boris Daix

   "In Freedom We Trust" (IFWT)
    (C) 2003 by Boris Daix ;-)

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