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Re: Web browsing

Mario Lang <mlang@delysid.org> writes:

> Boris Daix <Boris.Daix@insa-lyon.fr> writes:
>> first point should be "Browsing the Web".  So please share your tips
>> so that I can report them in the manual,
> The two most important VFAQs which come to mind are:

V stands for "very" or for "virtual" ? :-)

> 1. How to enable the cursor in lynx?
>    (Option SHOW_CURSOR:TRUE in lynx.cfg or -show_cursor argument)
> 2. How to enable the cursor in links:
>    F10 -> Setup -> (T)erminal Options: Uncheck "Block cursor" checkbox

Thanks for these elements (merged in the DebAx Virtual FAQ).

Do you think we should give a short idea of the differences between
those text-browsers, or simply give practical notes about them ?  Of
course we won't fall in infinite trolls, but it may help.  I've
picked :

- lynx (very used, ported on other platforms)
- links (does it really support javascript ? ; uses ncurses)
- w3m (with kind of "emacs spirit" ; provides an emacs-mode)

I wait for your adds on this (how are they speech-friendly for
example).  We sure may add/remove ones.

Boris Daix

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