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Re: Brltty on first debian Install-disk

[A added debian-accessibility as CC, because this topic might be
 interesting to other parties to.]

"Attila Konietzka" <attilakonietzka@gmx.de> writes:

> My question to you is regarding the Brltty on the 1st Debian cd. Will it be
> possible for brltty to be started right from the cd during the install
> process, when you specify a special config file that the installer is for
> example able to detect in your Floppy?
It will be possible to start brltty right from the first CD, yes.

Loading of a config file from floppy is not planned right now, and I don't think it
is very effective.  You will have to pass a boot option to
the boot-loader to tell which device type you are planning to use.
The option will look something like this:

so after booting the CD, you just need to type one string blindly:

Linux brltty=ts,,

This would initialize brltty with the ts (TSI) driver, with the US (default)
translation table, and /dev/tts/0 (the first serial port).

For the netinst floppy, it will probably be possible to preconfigure this.
On the netinst floppy, you have a normalt FAT filesystem, and the
boot-loader config file (syslinux.cfg) can just be edited.  So you
could take the netinst floppy, mount it (or insert it under Windows...),
and edit syslinux.cfg, providing the right option for your display.

This way of doing things can not be promised though, since the netinst
floppy is so space-intensive that I will not manage to provide brltty
there with the official netinst floppy.  I plan to provide
a somewhat reduced netinst floppy though, without dhcp, which would
include brltty.

> That would make the installation of linux for blind persons much easier.

Sure, that's the whole idea.   I'm using Debian at work (I'm a system
administrator), and I too, need this feature.

> I'd be glad if you could provide some more informations
> regarding this.

If anything is still unclear, please do not hesitate to ask.

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