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Re: Web browsing Was: Re: Welcome!

blinuxman@tuxfamily.org writes:

> A few years ago I hd a shell account on a US free shell provider, and I
> was wondered that they have as well a lynx as a blynx command to launch
> lynx, depending on the user; but that ws for me a good option, and I
> should suggest to make the proposal of including both a blynx and a
> blinks script in Deb so that after installation the problem is "non
> existant" because people have che choice.

So, what would those alternative scripts do?

Please see http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=172539 which is
IMHO the way to solve those issues.

> (If brltty.deb was accepted, then I suppose a very small blinks/blynx
> script will not cause any problem...)

It feels a bit second-class to me.  I'd prefer to have
a sane default config, or some debconf questions.  Then, blind and
sighted users could use the same executable...

The problem mainly is that blynx does not really tell what it does.
I guess it should also do Link-numbering, but then, we're already
entering a crazy teritorial, because for example, I as a braille dcisplay user
for instance, hate link numbering, because it costs space.  A speech
user probably loves Link Numbering.  So, what would blynx
do, and why would it do that.
You see, it is not that easy.

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