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Full Screen Magnification for X Windows

BlindPenguin - X Windows Accessability Project
SDF Public Access UNIX System - http://sdf.lonestar.org

I am writing an Xlib (written in c) based screen magnification program for
X Windows called BlindPenguin (http://www.blindpenguin.org).  I am posting
to this group to get ideas on a technical issue with the program.  The
issue is this any X magnification program that I have seen draws the
magnified area on a window I DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS.  I want to write a
program, which zooms in like a video camera on a particular part of the
screen what will happen is that the magnified area of the screen will
fill the entire screen, in simple terms the magnified area will be re-drawn
with more pixels to fill the screen.  However the X server and clients
shouldn't care about this in-fact they shouldn't know.  Basically there
are 2 screens 1 is the screen that the X server creates and the other is
the screen that the user sees.  As I move the mouse around the X server
moves it on the real screen but the user sees the magnified screen moving.
  To use the video camera analogy again imagine a person walking around a
room using the view finder of a video camera turned up to full zoom to see.
 Their coordinates would change relative to the objects in the room but they
would see things much larger than they are.


I am looking for ideas or code that will help me do this Especially DGA
code.  Also anyone who
has knowledge of how programs like ZoomText or Lunar do this in Windows
I would like to hear of it, I know that ZoomText doesn't work in X but
the ideas may inspire me.


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