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Re: "BUG: soft lockup" on A1200; was: Re: Updated installation images for Debian Ports 2019-04-20


On Tue, 10 Dec 2019, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:

> > (Ps: are these tests/sharing this kind of info is useful? I stop spamming
> > if no one is really interested.)
> Absolutely. Please keep reporting such issues as you see them.

OK, so just a quick update, the effort to get a "different kind" of
adapter failed, as the seller "accidentally" used the wrong stock photo,
and sent me exactly the kind of adapter I was trying to avoid... So there
will be no test with a different adapter, but a complaint filed on Amazon.

Apart from this, I dug up my A4000/CSPPC, and I tested the 3,5"/40 pin
version of this adapter, and it shows the exact same issue, both with the
IDE and the PATA drivers. Which of course means the issue I'm seeing is
not related to A4000 vs. A1200 IDE differences. Very weird.

Meanwhile, I remembered I posted a NetBSD dmesg online once, using the
very same adapter, in the same machine. So here it is, at least it shows
some kind of IDE device info, and shows that it continues booting w/o


(BTW, if any kernel developer wants to take a look, I can make the A1200
or the A4000 remotely accessible, via a Raspberry Pi. Serial console, and
hardware-reset for the Amiga via RPi GPIO. On boot it would just fetch a
new kernel from the RPi (from AmigaOS), before trying to boot it. So if
anyone feels like debugging this, it's there. We've done this before for
debugging the MorphOS kernel on the same hardware, worked quite well.)


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