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Re: "BUG: soft lockup" on A1200; was: Re: Updated installation images for Debian Ports 2019-04-20


On Mon, 9 Dec 2019, Karoly Balogh (Charlie/SGR) wrote:

> > It would be interesting to know if other people with A1200s have
> > issues with IDE or not....
> Sorry for bumping this thread after a few months, I just wanted to
> report that I recently built a mainline 4.19.87 kernel with GCC 7.4.0,
> (playing with some Buildroot thing) and I think I ran into exactly this
> issue on my A1200.
> (...)
> If that's extra info, the same kernel works flawlessly in FS-UAE (with an
> emulated A1200 IDE controller), so the problems only occur on real
> hardware.

OK, so I did some more tests:

1., I tried the PATA Gayle driver. This one fails to boot in UAE, seems to
be able to probe the units, then unable to read blocks from them it seems.
At least in FS UAE on my Mac. I could try to fetch a proper crashlog
somehow... Note that the IDE Gayle driver works fine with the same
emulator setup.

2., The PATA Gayle driver also locks up on my Amiga 1200 similar to the
IDE Gayle driver.

3., Actually, it still might be a problem with the SD2IDE adapter. With
the PATA Gayle driver, it doesn't even enumerate the master unit, just
locks up. With the IDE Gayle driver, it shows the device on the bus, then
locks up. When the lockup occurs, with the PATA Gayle driver, the HDD LED
remains lit. With the IDE Gayle driver, it remains dark, but:

If I try to boot the kernel from an actual 2,5" HDD (Samsung 40GB,
relatively recent), none of the enumeration problems seem to be happening,
and both the IDE driver and the PATA driver shows the partitions on the
HDD properly, then waits to the root volume to appear. Sadly this HDD
doesn't have a Linux root partition tho, and no disk space to make one. :(
So can't boot further to test the system.

For now, I ordered an SD2IDE adapter with another chipset, and I'll try to
get a real hard disk, or any other device (maybe an IDE DoM or something)
to test with. (But again, the problematic SD2IDE works with AmigaOS just
fine, and also worked with NetBSD 7.1 at least, and as I have two of the
same SD2IDE adapters, I tried with both, but both show the same symptoms.
Also tried SD cards from multiple makers, made no difference, so it must
be that SD2IDE model somehow.)


(Ps: are these tests/sharing this kind of info is useful? I stop spamming
if no one is really interested.)

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