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Re: Seeking for porterbox

On Thu, 4 Aug 2016, Christian T. Steigies wrote:

> But it can run as VCS2600, C64, TOS and AmigaOS and whatnot. And with a
> wireless keyboard with touchpad, its actually nice to use, no more worries
> about keys falling off the keyboard or the mouse button breaking. Maybe I
> dig out my GoldED key so I can finally use the best editor again.


> But why did you build in a Pi0, to get it online? I do not see a serial port
> on my MiST, does it have an internal connection? Ah. And the Pi0 has wlan or
> ethernet? An Amiga with wlan would be cool. Or a VCS2600 ;-)

Well, the MIST's MIDI module is connected to the serial port, which
consists of 4 pins - ground, VCC (3V), TX and RX (3V signals). The Pi of
course has corresponging pins, so essentially you hook ground-groun,
TX-RX, RX-TX, and you are ready to go, with a serial console on the Pi.
In addition to those, I let the Pi Zero steal 5V from the power switch
of the MIST (that is the red probe clamp on the pic), so it gets powered
on when I turn on the power of the MIST.

What I use it for...

* Reliving the old days with Olaf "Olsen" Barthel's old Term, doing mail
  with Alpine, web with w3m and links2, google groups with slrn :D

* Writing AREXX scripts that talk with the Pi (using DigNet, rxserial or Term)
 - Example - I have an arexx script that sets the system time by asking the pi, 
   if you look closely on the pic, you see the Pi has an RTC module.

* Uploading/downloading files using zmodem protocol - the Pi has Aminet mounted,
  and I use good old ADT do search and download (adt supports rz send directly)

* The Pi has my Cloud drives mounted, so I walk around sampling stuff on
  my iPhone, save to my Egnyte account, a VPS (virtual host) in the cloud
  (digitial-ocean) downsamples my sound snippets to various formats, including
  IFF samples suitable for trackers, so when I come home, I can just down 
  download the lot and use with Protracker/OctaMED/MusicLine/whatever :)

* I have FAT95 installed on the AmigaOS disk images on the MIST, so they
  mount the FAT partition on the SD card directly as second disk, meaning
  I can build new kickstarts, download ADFs and firmware updates directly
  without ever needing to eject the SD card.

* Null modem games - using socat I can connect the tty of the MIST to a
  TTY somewhere else on the net, for example on my mac that runs FS-UAE,
  or my original Minimig that has a bluetooth RS232 adapter conneted to
  rfcomm device on my G4 minimac running Gentoo/Linux. I used to do this
  with the MIST too, but all in all it is more convenient to have
  everything built into the box, than to rely on remote hosts.

* I want to rewrite old DirectoryOpus Magellan modules I made back in the
  days, so that I can browse files and upload/download with zmodem
  protocol from DOpus listers, and remote control media players etc from
  the MIST :)

Anyways - it is all great fun!

-- kolla

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