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Re: Modified Linux 4.1.20 (mac+scsi) on Quadra 660av

On 8/3/16 10:05 PM, Finn Thain wrote:
> On Wed, 3 Aug 2016, Mac User wrote:
> ...
>> This also affects the Centris 650, perhaps all of the Quadra machines?
> Did you test any of those machines? Last I heard, the mac_esp driver 
> worked fine on non-AV Quadras.

The 4.1.20 kernel failed on my Centris 650 (with a Seagate ST318416N
disk).  But I just tested vmlinux-4.1.23-mac_scsi+, and it works.  I
haven't tested other Quadras.

>> Is there a final Debian-approved version of a working ESP SCSI module 
>> (from Linux 2.6.30 or later) that can be used as a starting point?
> I'm not a Debian Developer, but the only "Debian-approved" code that I 
> know of is the code that Debian ships. As a rule, Debian does not ship 
> kernel patches that have not first been accepted by kernel.org. (This is 
> just the nature of collaboration between open source developers, as 
> opposed to "forking".)

ok, thanks


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