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Re: Seeking for porterbox

On Mon, 1 Aug 2016, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:

> On 08/01/2016 11:37 PM, Kolbjørn Barmen wrote:
> > I have for a long time had on my todo to put together a minimalistic
> > ramdisk containing qemu or aranym, that essencially maps all the hosts
> > hardware resources to the emulated system, so that when it all boots,
> > it pretty much appears as a m68k system. Are your plans similar?
> No, for SH4 I actually managed to acquire additional cheap hardware
> from Taiwan which I am going to add as buildds. I hope I will be
> able to get this done within the next two weeks.

Aha, neat!

> For m68k, I hope to see more powerful FPGA-based machines to come around
> in the future. There are already machines like the MiST available [1]
> which are reasonably fast but don't support anything beyond a 020
> without MMU yet, so I hope this is going to improve in the future.

Well, that is funny, I am literally typing this email on a MIST, heh...

https://kolla.egnyte.com/dl/DTC7bWWg4R - got an RPi Zero built in, serial
connection between them, the MIST acting as console host for the zero :)
(and the RPi zero acting as login host, clock sync, zmodem transfers,
and occationally PPP gateway, for the MIST)

I hope you are right, and that there will be FPGAs fast and cheap enough,
and m68k cores that are compatible enough to run Linux/m68k.

I presume you are aware of the the Apollo core (aka 68080)? It is quite
fast already, but it is not clear (AFAIK) whether there will be an MMU,
and if so, how compatible with existing m68k MMUs it will be. And ditto
for FPU.

Anyways - some time I hope to be able to easily deploy m68k systems in the
cloud, through some minimalist qemu setup.


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