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Re: M68K status

Hi John,

On Sun, May 31, 2015 at 12:42 AM, John Voltz <john@spy-free.net> wrote:
> With the latest sid, is it possible to run X windows (Xorg) yet? I'm

Yes, X is supposed to work.
As you have a Retina Z3, the plain X server for fbdev should work.
The support for Amiga bitplanes may not be included in the Debian package
of xorg-xserver, but it is upstream.

> building amiga-lilo right now, so hopefully I won't have to go through the
> early-startup to boot Debian anymore. Also, nobody ever said if the source
> code is available for amiboot or where to find it. Google comes up with

It used to be in a CVS repository on a machine that's no longer alive.
Has it

But m68kboot (which includes amiboot, ataboot, etc.) seems to be in Debian,
incl. sources?

> nothing. I'm not sure if my startup problem is because of amiboot, or
> because of AmigaOS itself being resident in RAM. My OS 3.9 install is new
> and I haven't got around to setting up BlizKick yet, maybe that will help.

That could indeed be an issue.



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