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Re: M68K status

Hi Adrian,

Out of curiosity: Why aren't you installing an up-to-date Debian unstable on your Amiga?

I don't see any point trying to debug issues which might have already beem fixed years ago.

I mean, kernel 2.4.x is almost historic these days and both Sarge and Etch are just way too old to start worrying about them now.

I just find it interesting that the kernels all seem to hang at the same point whenever I start them from the Workbench. I think I tried the latest one from the wiki page over the weekend and it did the same thing. I would like to figure out why, so I don't have to go through a convoluted startup process to run Debian. Can you quickly explain how to install amiga-lilo?

Just take the disk out of your Amiga and use debootstrap with the --foreign option to install a current unstable snapshot onto the disk. Then boot the system with a more recent kernel.

You can also find a base system plus kernel and initrd here:

https://people.debian.org/~glaubitz/chroots/ [1]


Thanks for the tips. I wasn't aware that it could be installed that way. I'm not super-familiar with Debian, I've only used it and Ubuntu a few times in the past. I'm more familiar and comfortable with Fedora/Redhat and the RPM package system. I'll have to get another larger hard drive for my spare PC and install Debian on a partition to give that a try.

John Voltz

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