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Re: M68K status

Hi John!

Out of curiosity: Why aren't you installing an up-to-date Debian unstable on your Amiga?

I don't see any point trying to debug issues which might have already beem fixed years ago.

I mean, kernel 2.4.x is almost historic these days and both Sarge and Etch are just way too old to start worrying about them now.

Just take the disk out of your Amiga and use debootstrap with the --foreign option to install a current unstable snapshot onto the disk. Then boot the system with a more recent kernel.

You can also find a base system plus kernel and initrd here:



> On May 28, 2015, at 12:27 AM, John Voltz <john@spy-free.net> wrote:
> Hello again,
> I let Debian Sarge complete it's install last night on my A3000 (it took hours) and now today I'm trying to debug my startup issues. See my attachment with the boot logs. If the attachment doesn't make it through the mailer I will resend as inline text. I will try the latest kernel when I can figure out where to find a binary. Tonight I'm going to configure my Sarge install, and play around with it.
> John Voltz
> <startup_logs.txt>

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