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packages for unreleased (was Re: [buildd] Vivaldi & Elgar sbuild ready, Arrakis next)

Wouter Verhelst dixit:

>> >It's probably better to add them to no-auto-build on all our buildd
>> >hosts -- or, better yet, to use packages-arch-specific for that. Not
>> I think adding one entry into one centralised database is better
>> than distributing a file across all hosts or…
>> >sure if we have that, though -- will check with aurelien. Meanwhile,
>> … committing to P-A-S into git (I think I’ve seen it there).
>Ah, good.
>If you know about p-a-s, and we have access to it, it might make more
>sense to have you put it there immediately, rather than have me put all

Well, P-A-S lives at “the wanna-build admins” page:
works, I can clone it, but it's owned by wbadm:wbadm which I’m not in.

Also, the file is shared for all of Debian, so I don’t know whether
they’d let me in – and if not, requesting changes would probably
take quite some time. So it may not be the tool we’d like to use.

I’d suggest to try the --no-build with a subsequential upload to
check if it’s reset automatically once. From what I’ve read about
build states, not-for-us is also for “packages that need porting”
so it might stick. If not, we could always look for a better
solution. (w-b --list=not-for-us seems to show the list, so we’d
also not “lose/forget” packages there.)

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