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Re: [buildd] Vivaldi & Elgar sbuild ready, Arrakis next

Ingo Jürgensmann dixit:

>How about acting as buildd admin? ;-) 
>As far as I know (because Wouter mentioned it somewhere) the buildds
>are now signing and uploading successful builds on their on,
>leveraging the work load for a buildd in general.


How about we set up a mailing list for that, and the lot of us
get put on that mailing list and be given ssh access to the
buildds, so we all can take care of them and possibly failing
builds when appropriate and whenever one of us has time?

That leaves some synchronisation issues, but unless we want
a full-blown ticket system like OTRS…

>I think it would be best that you ask for a w-b access as well. Then
>you can get a list of packages to build and register them, give them
>back and such.

I’ll definitely need w-b access, yes. But that’s the easy part.
I need instructions how to actually use that ☺

Remember, I’m a relative newcomer to Debian (although I *did*
use slink, before I saw the light and converted to BSD).

>Sure. I try to collect as much information I can and put it up in the Wiki. 


<hecker> cool ein Ada Lovelace Google-Doodle. aber zum 197. Geburtstag? Hätten
die nicht noch 3 Jahre warten können? <mirabilos> bis dahin gibts google nicht
mehr <hecker> ja, könnte man meinen. wahrscheinlich ist der angekündigte welt-
untergang aus dem maya-kalender die globale abschaltung von google ☺ und darum
müssen die die doodles vorher noch raushauen

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