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Re: [buildd] Vivaldi & Elgar sbuild ready, Arrakis next

Wouter Verhelst dixit:

>Mmm. Actually, I'm starting to doubt if that --no-build isn't reset
>after an installation event; it might be.

Resetting it manually would be easy.

>It's probably better to add them to no-auto-build on all our buildd
>hosts -- or, better yet, to use packages-arch-specific for that. Not

I think adding one entry into one centralised database is better
than distributing a file across all hosts or…

>sure if we have that, though -- will check with aurelien. Meanwhile,

… committing to P-A-S into git (I think I’ve seen it there).

>please send me a full list of all (source) packages that have and
>require patches, so I can add them all to no-auto-build everywhere.

The list is pretty dynamic… but I can try to figure them out
and send them, yes.

>You're right, taking a package for build is not the right solution; but
>neither is not-for-us.

Hm. Not fully convinced yet, but you have seniority.

I want one of these. They cost 720 € though… good they don’t have the HD hole,
which indicates 3½″ floppies with double capacity… still. A tad too much, atm.
‣ http://www.floppytable.com/floppytable-images-1.html

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