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[buildd] Vivaldi & Elgar sbuild ready, Arrakis next


After Elgar I've setup Vivaldi as well. It already successfully built bcron, but I need to check mail settings. Next is Arrakis tomorrow. 

I'm setting all buildds up the same way: schroot with LVM snapshots. We could use btrfs snapshots as well, but I'm too unexperienced with btrfs, so I stayed with LVM for now.

I think we're now in a state where we could request w-b & upload queue access and continue to configure buildd. And we need DDs (I guess) to act as buildd admin and sign/upload packages. Who's volunteering? ;-) 

If anyone else wants to join: I've made a tarball of my chroot, which should make setting up a buildd a little easier/faster. 

The next step will be to setup Akire as well. Maybe I get it ready by end of the year (it's Xmas time!) or mid of January, hopefully. The plan is to relocate Elgar & Akire to FU Berlin where John Paul Adrian Glaubitz will host & take care of them. 

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