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Re: Buildd AutoDepWait for perl and linux-2.6

On Wed, Dec 19, 2007 at 08:46:00PM -0200, Thadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo wrote:
> No need to CC me, Thanks.

Then please set a header.
> I've had an interest in M68K for a long time. Although I had never had
> an Atari, an Amiga, a Mac or Sun, I've played with Genesis and had a
> Palm m10x.
> I am not a good system programmer, but I've worked with some kernel
> drivers for clients in the recent time and even did support a new ARM
> platform (in fact, did not have much of a work, simply copied the right
> files and did the right minimal changes).
> I've been willing to help Debian M68K port a time and did tell in my NM
> process that I would try to do it. So, if I can be of any help...
> I can try building Linux (did that today, but missed some simple
> things) and running it on Aranym (guess that will be my only choice,
> right?). If anyone can help me with some basics. To not disturb the
> list, perhaps one of you would like to chat with me through
> xmpp:cascardo@jabber-br.org.
> What would be more useful for Debian right now? Working with upstream,
> Geert's patches or Debian's versions? I've not done work in the kernel
> team before. But since m68k is not officially supported, and Christian
> used to upload his own versions, does it mean we do not need to follow
> kernel team's releases if needed?

Um, no, that is not true. The kernels I have uploaded for at least a year
are fully integrated into the debian kernel team. We do not follow the
releases since I usually get to update the m68k patches only after a new
debian version has released (because the m68k CVS needs to catch up first
and I need to find out which patches are new/changed/obsolete and commit the
changes to the debian/kernel svn). We even have cross-compiling support in
debian-kernel now and all other things I needed for m68k support, so
everything is well, except that I haven't looked at the m68k patches for a
while. If you want to start, you should try to download the debian linux-2.6
source package and try to (cross-) build it for m68k. See if the m68k
patches still apply, find out which have been disabled by other debian
maintainers and why, and if we have to reenable (after fixing) them again.
Then check the linux-m68k CVS or Geerts patch page for new patches, that
m68k needs. These then need to be included in the debian-kernel svn.
I would not wonder if the kernel source still builds for m68k, even if it
misses a few new patches (like SCSI drivers Ingo has been asking for).
Patches that do not apply usually are disabled the the DD that uploads the
source, so all that is really needed is a list of new/changed patches from
geerts page http://linux-m68k-cvs.ubb.ca/~geert/linux-m68k-patches-2.6.23/
and somebody who tests if they all apply to the debian source, fixes them if
they don't (Debian patches some things which might then conflict with
Geert's patches, which are relative to Linus' tree). All in all not too
difficult, only some tedious work that I currently do no find the time for.
And that none of my m68k machines is currently running does not encourage me
try right now either. But I will taked current checkout with me, so if I do
not find snow to ski, maybe I will have a look.


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