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Re: Frame buffer use on Coldfire problem

debian is a free software system. given that need to start from
somewhere, choices are limited anyway.

just by using debian source and packageing system to start a
board going does not mean much by itself.

there is some writing in debian constitution about supporting
commercial developments as well as other linux distros. which
does happen.

that's about as far as my knowledge goes other than dfsg
stands for "debian free software guidlines" or something like that.

be that as it may, with 2.6.10 you should be able to build packages
from debian sarge -- "oldstable". for a while i could run etch with
a 2.6.8 debian kernel when etch was testing and sarge was stable
(not in m68k but in ppc).

also in the debian packages now are listed sarge backports... that
is etch packages can build with sarge support. such as xorg maybe.

I am glad to see that freescale supports debian, or has to some degree.

On 12/19/07, James Kimble <jkimble@one.net> wrote:
> >
> > Debian doesn't support ColdFire hardware (yet), so there's little
> > expertise for that hardware here. You may want to ask on the
> > wildrice.com ColdFire mailinglist:
> > https://smail.wildrice.com:7025/list/ColdF...@wildrice.com
> >
> Actually I'm working with a BSP from Freescale that was distributed
> with an evaluation board for the M5485 chip. I've had to do a lot of
> porting because I'm working with a custom board but I think it was a
> Debian distribution at some point.... (2.6.10 kernel). I could be
> wrong though...
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