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Buildd AutoDepWait for perl and linux-2.6

Hello, Folks.

I've found a kind of a circular dependency when checking for versions
of perl and linux-2.6 packages.

linux-2.6 won't build because it build-depends on dpkg-dev, which
depends on perl5 and perl-modules. perl5 is provided by perl, which is
version 5.8.8-7. 5.8.8-8 and onwards won't build because they
build-depends on gcc-4.2.

Well, gcc-4.2 won't build because it requires a patch which is only on
2.6.24-rc1 vanilla, so we shouldn't expect it in debian unless the
patch is applied for 2.6.23, right?

Well, that would be fine if linux-2.6 was not depwaiting for perl >=
5.8.8-8. It is because dpkg-dev depends on perl-modules, which is arch:
all. So, its version in the repository is 5.8.8-12, which depends on
perl >= 5.8.8-8.

I think this problema happened here because gcc 4.2 got stuck. But
having a arch: all package going into the repository without its
dependencies in there may give us trouble every time we get stuck with
some package that would depend on it, right? Should we bring this
concern to debian-devel?

If not, what can we do in respect to linux-2.6, gcc-4.2 and perl? I
know there are lots of more trouble in toolchain, be it regressions in
the compiler, threads or anything else.

However, these packages would, at least, build (I expect so) if a very
simple patch in the build system of linux-2.6 would be applied and
perl-modules 5.8.8-12 were replaced by perl-modules 5.8.8-7 in the
archive. Then, we should have linux-2.6 built, gcc-4.2 built and perl
5.8.8-12 built, in that order.

Thadeu Cascardo.

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