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Re: Buildd AutoDepWait for perl and linux-2.6

On Wed, Dec 19, 2007 at 12:43:59AM -0200, Thadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo wrote:
> Hello, Folks.
> I've found a kind of a circular dependency when checking for versions
> of perl and linux-2.6 packages.
> linux-2.6 won't build because it build-depends on dpkg-dev, which
> depends on perl5 and perl-modules. perl5 is provided by perl, which is
> version 5.8.8-7. 5.8.8-8 and onwards won't build because they
> build-depends on gcc-4.2.

Actually, we also need a sourceful upload of gcc-defaults [gcc (>= 4:4.2)] 
(see bug #451190). gcc-4.2_4.2.2-3 built fine and is already in the archive.

> Well, gcc-4.2 won't build because it requires a patch which is only on
> 2.6.24-rc1 vanilla, so we shouldn't expect it in debian unless the
> patch is applied for 2.6.23, right?

Is that true? Could I get a reference for that? Otherwise I can requeue
the build. 

> Well, that would be fine if linux-2.6 was not depwaiting for perl >=
> 5.8.8-8. It is because dpkg-dev depends on perl-modules, which is arch:
> all. So, its version in the repository is 5.8.8-12, which depends on
> perl >= 5.8.8-8.

I don't believe we usually autobuild linux-2.6. I believe Christian 
usually uploads them directly once he's satisfied with the m68k patches.

> I think this problema happened here because gcc 4.2 got stuck. But

I missed gcc-4.2 getting stuck. Usually I try to keep up with blockers
and the toolchain.

> having a arch: all package going into the repository without its
> dependencies in there may give us trouble every time we get stuck with
> some package that would depend on it, right? Should we bring this
> concern to debian-devel?

Old news. I wish there was some better scheme.

> If not, what can we do in respect to linux-2.6, gcc-4.2 and perl? I
> know there are lots of more trouble in toolchain, be it regressions in
> the compiler, threads or anything else.
> However, these packages would, at least, build (I expect so) if a very
> simple patch in the build system of linux-2.6 would be applied and
> perl-modules 5.8.8-12 were replaced by perl-modules 5.8.8-7 in the
> archive. Then, we should have linux-2.6 built, gcc-4.2 built and perl
> 5.8.8-12 built, in that order.

Point me at the patch, I'll patch one of the buildds.



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