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Re: meeting?

> > But I think most m68k hackers are in Europe. I wouldn't mind a meeting in
> > SF, but I am not going to take my m68k boxes back to the US...
> I always got the impression that while most Atari and Amiga work
> happened in Europe, much of the Mac work happened in North America.
> Obviously most of the early work was done by Alan Cox, but many of
> the people who got the Mac port going were in US or CA. We had the

Yep, that's mostly because Macs were sold in larger quantities in the US
and perhaps CA - Apple had good educational discounts there but refused to
do the same in Europe. So when the Macs, Ataris and Amigas first came out
it was mostly Amiga/Atari here (my old lab got a couple of TTs for office
stuff and some VME based data acquisition). My postdoc lab in Berkeley had
a bunch of Macs of different sorts, that's why I could start on the Mac
kernel work at all.

> Mac stuff hosted on a .ca domain for a while, I know. That doesn't

The linux-m68k CVS is still at ubb.ca FWIW.

> > I bought my Falcon and my Mac on eb*y, and many Amigas are listed there
> > also. I think you can even buy "new" Amigas. Or look at the pictures here:
> > http://www.a1k.org/forum/index.php?mode=viewforum&forum_id=12
> The Amiga systems were pretty popular. I've seen many of them in
> small television stations and in various other forms of video
> post-production that can't afford to buy newer equipment. I have
> never seen an Atari that could run Linux, but I saw many of the
> other models such as the Atari 800.

Yep, we had a guy from a TV station on c.o.l.m68k since the very early
days, the Amigas were still used for titles and cutting around then.

Was there a Debian booth at this year's LinuxWorld SF? The first LW at SJ
had quite a lot of Debian hackers; maybe such an event can be used for a
m68k get-together over there. Here, I'd hope for the Oldenburg meeting.


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