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Re: meeting?

On 8/9/07, Wouter Verhelst <wouter@debian.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been wondering whether it might be nice to hold some real-life
> meeting someplace. Stuff I'd like to do:
> * Meet face-to-face with you all (haven't done that yet, ever).
> * Discuss upon a strategy to get m68k to be actively supported within
>   Debian again.
> * Swap some hardware (I stil have some machines that aren't doing
>   anything useful these days, which is a shame).
> * Help eachother with getting stuff to work where necessary (say,
>   coldfire boards etc).
> * Hack together on stuff
> * ... something else?
> Thoughts?

not everybody lives in europe (I myself live in SanFrancisco,
some body lives in Australia I guess).

some people have never seen an atari or an amiga m68k.
(I wouldn't mind seeing one of those or a next or a sun again)
I am pretty sure I am stuck on the macs. (but I would like to
see a coldfire some time and i actually might give some
cash for one)

wonder if the mmu patch for basiliskII could be made to work,
or if
a bug squashing party could get sid unstuck.

I might actually make more progress with my research if I were
to at least turn on a quadra. just to work on protoyping or testing
examples. I do seem to learn more there than on the ppc macs
sometimes, anyway. research is nothing to do with systems
programming, however i can sometimes run tests or builds
besides that and there is some sort of synergy happening.

More Uses:

I think it would be interesting to have some sort of autonomous
program that would just run and evolve itself. I guess there
are some issues about entropy. you have to feed it some data.
one advantage of old 68k is they are low power, although slow
of course, the 605 is I think about 25 watt.  my powerbooks are also
pretty low power but they do get hot after a few hours.
I think it would be nice to have some (debian) email server. for me particularly
where I could buy an account for a small fee or donate (to) an old computer for
the mail server (because of free wireless here = no ISP). we have an
experiment going here of colocation = non-commercial server farms.
but I suspect they would not like one of my old computers ... (even the ppc)

not everyone has (official) debian accounts nor necessarily wants them

I think I am happiest to build at least half my system from tarball
etc downloaded
from other sources. debian too big, or too formal or something. i want to
build scientific systems more so than industrial and much more so than
consumer ones.


there's a new version of dillo in sid. Its still broken (not just on 68k).
upstream builds ok.
(if you config it correctly).

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