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Re: Buildds configuration and admins

> > > For unstable crest is doing fine IMHO, though it's not used for
> > > oldstable(-security) as it only builds packages for a suite when
> > > needs-build > 10.
> >
> > That's been done to use it as a backup only. Could be changed I guess.
> I don't really mind one way or the other though it would be great if
> oldstable(-security) was tracked more closely...

For this, we would reverse the order of dists in the take-from-dists
variable, and that's the case at least on q650. Using that on crest would
keep it from building unstable for as long as anything security related
needs to be built. Not good in a crunch.

On second thought - the only thing that kept me from running a
stable/oldstable buildd on hobbes was disk space. I replaced a flaky disk
by a bigger one anyway so I'll probably reactivate security there. For the
next two weeks, that is :-)


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