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Re: What is the most "stable" version of Linux for 68k

On 11/22/06, De Served <deserved@cogeco.ca> wrote:

Also, to the person that installed Sarge on an LCIII with no FPU, which
kernel and ramdisk image did you use?   I'm having problems with
selecting a keyboard layout, detecting network hardware, and low memory.
With 36MB of RAM in your LCIII, did the installer enter "low memory
mode"?   When passing kernel arguments from the booter, what did you set
ramdisk_size too?  Thanks.

i used the 2.2.[twentysomething] kernel. i used the ramdisk for cd install.
but note i used emile cd-install floppy image to boot. i made this with
the script on mac os but i imagine you could also make it on your pc
(that is the actually physical floppy, written from the image) that is under

also i first tried the emile rescue floppy just to make sure my machine would
boot. that uses the same kernel.

since you don't have a cd you said, you may be adjusting this. but there
is an emile floppy to boot from a disk image.

i have heard some people using the woody installer ramdisk to install sarge,
but i have not tried it.

i got the complaints about "low memory mode" when i had only 20 mb in
there. when that seemed completley stalled i found a used 32mb stick online
somewhere for $10 and put that in it stopped the complaint. if you
boot the rescue floppy you can check with the "free" command,
my machine said i had 10mb free out of 20 in the emile rd busybox.

also i prepartioned my disk with one of my other linux boxes. that was
a powerpc mac. it saved some time and hassle in the installer, set up
and babysitting. (note these have same twisted byte order as 68k so
i cannot say if this works with pcs)

i did my network config later and it was by the seat of my pants, i am
sorry i can't walk you through it, but again to test it you might try the emile
floppy netboot...

hope this helps. i don't know much, just my limited experiences, so...


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