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Re: Installing Debian on 68k Macintosh

On Tue, 2006-11-21 at 18:02 -0500, De Served wrote:
> _The Choice_
> I am leaning toward the LCIII as my choice for a Debian install.   I
> like
> the lower profile case and lower power consumption.   The LCIII,
> although
> using a slower 68030 processor and lacking an FPU, 

>From my experience - and as mentionated in doc- without FPU no chance,
but not sure .
But if there is the socket - empty - on the board, you can put there a
FPU from  
 PDS 10Mb Ethernet cards .
I remember that the net rate was something like max. 300 kB/s. 
The same in the data transfer to/from disk .
>  I have been unable to find information on installing
> Sarge on a 68k Macintosh.  


>  Nor have I been able to locate the necessary install
> files -- Kernel and ramdisk image -- in order to begin.



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