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Re: Installing Debian on 68k Macintosh

On 11/21/06, De Served <deserved@cogeco.ca> wrote:

I don't really want the bother of downloading a large ISO image.   When
I install on the PPC Macintosh machines, I just need the booter (bootx),
the kernel, and an installer ramdisk image.   Everything else is
downloaded from the Internet by the installer as it is needed.   Can
this not be done with the 68k Macintosh machines?

i am not sure, if this is a network booted install. like the emile net installer
but i thought that only worked on a LAN but i really don't know what
or where of that as it is outside of my experience.

for my powermac install i downloaded the business card or the netinstall
which are 40-100mb mini cds. but i do not have a wireless router, and
i only have wireless internet so i cannot do the 68ks this way. i have
tried routing through a computer aka a gateway but no success thus far.
only recently have i learned to set up basic lan connection and i am trying
to do some distributed computing but also i have no experience in linux
with file sharing, soo

for me the lcIII was mostly useful as an introduction to 68k. but if you could
make a local server out of it that would be cool, i might try it
myself. i'd rather
fix up my performa475 though ("LCIV").

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