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What is the most "stable" version of Linux for 68k

I really need to get this NFS server up as soon as possible.   I've
messed around trying to install Sarge on my LCIII with little luck.
I'm now thinking that I'll go back and install something older.   What
is the most "stable" and "dependable" version of Debian currently
available for 68k Macintosh?   I need something that I can install and
just walk away from.

I don't need a lot of features.   I just need something that will boot,
accept SSH connections, and allow me to dependably export an NFS share.
I need something that will stay up without a lot of maintenance or

Any suggestions?

Also, to the person that installed Sarge on an LCIII with no FPU, which
kernel and ramdisk image did you use?   I'm having problems with
selecting a keyboard layout, detecting network hardware, and low memory.
With 36MB of RAM in your LCIII, did the installer enter "low memory
mode"?   When passing kernel arguments from the booter, what did you set
ramdisk_size too?  Thanks.

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