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Re: Fwd: linux-image-2.6-17-mac tries

Brian Morris píše v So 07. 10. 2006 v 23:11 -0700:

> i did download aranym and emutos recently, i have to set it up.

you don't need emutos for running linux-m68k as ARAnyM got its own
integrated LILO.

> so, basic question, like can i try and boot aranym off this
> backup of my mac disk ? or do i need a specially formatted
> disk for atari only ?

ARAnyM will boot an atari kernel. If you had mac partition related stuff
compiled in the atari kernel it could perhaps boot off your old mac

> plus, do i need to figure for how much ram

the more RAM you gives to Linux the more it will like you, won't it? ;-)

> also if others are doing this, can tell what is the efficiency ?

I haven't compared with real hardware for ages but based on some
unrelated tests I *guess* that on host Athlon 2200+ you get something
slightly faster than 68040@33 MHz (CPU and memory speedwise). Emulated
IDE disk is the bottleneck now - but with ton of RAM everything gets
into the kernel file cache sooner or later ;-)

I plan on buying a dual Athlon 64 4000+ to get one core free for running
ARAnyM constantly :-) That could give me a 68060-like power, hopefully..


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