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Re: debian-installer/sarge

On Fri, Aug 18, 2006 at 04:57:21PM +0200, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> > > The timeout on q650 should be adjusted properly now. We can requeue it
> > > there.
> >
> > That wont help... w3m is used for building parts of the documentation but
> > w3m segfaults on m68k (looks like #318806). debian-installer has been
> > changed to fail when the documentation isn't built properly, so the build
> > will fail unless somebody fixes w3m (does not seem likely to me) or you undo
> These bugs are open for an awfully long time, and no one is able to fix
> that?

Seems so.
> Either way, both are for 64 bit architectures, that may be different
> altogether (I recall a 64 bit bug in one of my packages that was related
> to a wrong type of the main function).
> Yecch - w3m depends on libgc1; I bet that's the one that is buggy.
> What's w3m used for? Converting html to text we used to do with lynx ...

For converting to text: 
<fjp> IIRC we did use lynx originally. Not sure why we switched to w3m, but
there was a reason...

Ok, now the fun thing. w3m works on my Atari, which also runs stable but
with a 2.4.30 kernel. The Amiga runs the "unstable" kernel, but I don't see
how that should interfer with user space. It also segfaults on my mac, which
also runs 2.6.17. Maybe I have to build d-i while running a 2.4 kernel? I am
trying that on the atari, but the serial connection is so bad, I have
trouble downloading the files. If I can't get this done by sunday, somebody
else will have to take over. I will be mostly away for a couple of weeks,
who wants to take my logs? Stephen already sends some replies, do we need
another taker?


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