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Re: debian-installer/sarge

> > The timeout on q650 should be adjusted properly now. We can requeue it
> > there.
> That wont help... w3m is used for building parts of the documentation but
> w3m segfaults on m68k (looks like #318806). debian-installer has been
> changed to fail when the documentation isn't built properly, so the build
> will fail unless somebody fixes w3m (does not seem likely to me) or you undo

These bugs are open for an awfully long time, and no one is able to fix

Either way, both are for 64 bit architectures, that may be different
altogether (I recall a 64 bit bug in one of my packages that was related
to a wrong type of the main function).

Yecch - w3m depends on libgc1; I bet that's the one that is buggy.

What's w3m used for? Converting html to text we used to do with lynx ...


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