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Re: debian-installer/sarge

> Right, he asked me on IRC, Wouter asked me on IRC, but that was on friday
> night when my IRC client ran at work... seems we live in different
> timezones. I started some builds on monday, but as I said I grabbed the
> wrong source. When that was finished another build on q650 had already been
> started, but the timeout wasn't adjusted properly. It does not help blaming
> other people now, but it would help for all packages if they would produce
> some output if they are still working on something, especially if that part
> takes a long time.

The timeout on q650 should be adjusted properly now. We can requeue it

Can I get a good estimate on required build space? I'd try to build it on
the Falcon if the space isn't more than about 1 GB.


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