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Re: quickstep back up

On Thu, Jan 27, 2005 at 05:44:43PM +0100, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> Can't you just remove the floppy drive and put the disk where the floppy
> drive was?

Maybe, but that space might be to big... the onboard connectors are only for
2.5" disks. And it is nice to have the floppy as a dropback. A tower case
might be good, though... I should try to boot from floppies, maybe I find
out how to fix the can-not-boot-from-floppies atari bug. After all, once
linux is running, I do not care about TOS anymore.

> Do you have a picture of what the thing looks like, somewhere?

Some older ones from last year, the one from today shows how the box looks
right now, with a long IDE cable, so I can mount the disk, with the CTEX, so
there is supposed to be more room to add the EtherNAT and also close the
case again.

> Not that exim filters are very hard -- "info exim-filter" (exim4-filter
> if you use Debian's Exim v4 packages) is really all you need.

But its a lot of reading, I haven't finished the exim4 book yet...
> There are two downsides about it: it's huge (about half a meter in three
> dimensions) and it isn't fast (4ppm in color, 12ppm in black&white,
> mainly because it's a four-pass printer). If you don't mind about all
> that, it's a great thing. Really.

I don't print that much, but I don't always want to go to the university to
print something. I just want a printer that works, colour would be nice and
I don't think it is that expensive, except for the toner, but maybe that is
reasonable, too.


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