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Re: quickstep back up

On Thu, Jan 27, 2005 at 01:39:30PM +0100, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> It took way longer than I would've wanted, but I finally got where I
> should've been for a loooong while: quickstep is back up and running,
> using the SCA disk Christian sent me, and an SCA adapter I got from
> someone Andreas Barth knew.

Can you tell me a few more details how about how that worked out, maybe in
PM? My Mac seems to have harddisk problems right now, it does not find most
of its binaries, last time I booted it. I still have one of those big disks
lying around, it would be nice to upgrade the Mac from 4GB to 18GB, but it
did not like the new disk very much. Its been a while though, maybe it
changed its mind by now. I would prefer not to reinstall the whole machine
from scratch, that was pretty messy, and I needed to use an emulator for a
few steps...

That said, maybe there is an atari expert around? I am still trying to
convince my Falcon to accept the 40GB IDE disk instead of its 0.4GB SCSI
disk, with little luck so far. The disk is/was new, which drivers do I need
to load and what tools do I have to use to partition and format the disk,
and how do I get a driver onto that disk so that the Atari actually boots
from the IDE disk. I've been playing with ahci and hddriver, with little
luck. They recognize the disk, but I haven't been able to partition it. I
found one old tool, hdx, which lets me start a partitioning, and then asks
about a disk type, and none of them is any good for me. In short, I have not
been able to create any partitions on the atari yet, nor get the disk
detected during boot. Last night I created partitions with
atari-fdisk-cross, but that didn't help either. Maybe I have to format them
on the PC, too, but isn't the atari able to do that??? Is there a dummy's
guide to using a harddisk with an Atari somewhere? Or is this the reason why
people used ataris mainly for music?

> I did not get any disapproving reply to my previous post re moving
> (back, for some) to debian-68k. Does that mean we're all subscribed
> there now? ;-)

I wouldn't want to close the build list, I've never left the m68k list. Does
it really matter if there are one or two lists? Just have procmail sort them
into one box and you wont even see the difference.


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