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Re: quickstep back up

Op do, 27-01-2005 te 15:20 +0100, schreef Christian T. Steigies:
> On Thu, Jan 27, 2005 at 02:28:01PM +0100, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> > Does it work if you ignore the disk from AtariOS and partition it for
> > Linux use only? You could then keep the 0.4GB SCSI disk to boot the
> > AtariOS bits you need to boot Linux, and boot Linux from the 40GB disk.
> In the long run, I want to close the case again. And since it is basically a
> C64, just a little larger, there is only room for one 2.5" disk, SCSI or
> IDE.


> I think I could in principle boot from floppy, too, but I'd rather
> make use of the HDD, there should be enough space for a TOS partition.

Can't you just remove the floppy drive and put the disk where the floppy
drive was?

Do you have a picture of what the thing looks like, somewhere?
> > Oh, and besides, I don't use procmail. I prefer exim's builtin filtering
> > capabilities :-)
> Maybe you can give a talk about that at the next meeting in Oldenburg? 


Maybe if I ever get to go to Oldenburg. I wanted to do that for a while,
but it just never happened thus far.

Not that exim filters are very hard -- "info exim-filter" (exim4-filter
if you use Debian's Exim v4 packages) is really all you need.

> I think it is worth learning about different ways to achieve a goal.

So do I.

> And what I wanted to ask for some time, how is your colour HP doing,

Very good.

> are you still happy with it?


> Did you have to replace the toner, are the costs for
> that reasonable?

Not yet, we don't use it all that often (mostly only to print our
invoices and stuff like that)

> I am so tired of deskjets, I just want a working printer
> and not dirty fingers...


There are two downsides about it: it's huge (about half a meter in three
dimensions) and it isn't fast (4ppm in color, 12ppm in black&white,
mainly because it's a four-pass printer). If you don't mind about all
that, it's a great thing. Really.

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