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Re: quickstep back up

On Thu, Jan 27, 2005 at 08:52:42PM +0100, Bjoern Buske wrote:

> Since TOS 4.0x is an early-to-mid-90's OS, my guess would be that it (or 
> rather XBIOS or GEMDOS) cannot deal with such large IDE-Disks. I don't 
> think that TOS has ever heard of things like LBA, and the C/H/S geometry 
>  of your disk might just blow the XBIOS-limits. TOS will detect the 
> disk  during boot and ask for it to send it's geometry, and my guess is, 
> it gets stuck there. I also remember that back in the 90's there used to 
> be a lot of trouble with certain IDE-disks which wouldn't send their 
> geometry but rather expected the PC-BIOS to send it to the disk first 
> (rather peculiar), but that seems to be a problem of the past.

The tools detect the disk, hddrutil even detects the correct disk size
(8.1.2 demo or something), but it does not recognize the partitions I
created with atari-fdisk-cross, even after I formatted them as dos/vfat.

> Do you have something like the old "limit to 2,1 GB"-Jumper on the disk? 
>  Or, maybe, you can use a PC-Utility to set that limitation 
> "jumperless" That actually might do the trick, since I was successfully 
> operating a 2 GB disk in my (now broken :-() Falcon. Then, you could 
> create a TOS-Partition in the first 2 GB, boot Linux from there (with 
> the "Auto-Geometry Resizing" option compiled in), and use the rest of 
> the disk for Linux.

No jumper, the only jumpers that are left are for master/slave/cable select.
Samsung seems to have some software that might be able to change the size
settings. But before I try that, maybe I'll test something else. If this is
the problem, I should be able to partition and format a magneto optical disk
with 540MB? IIRC that did not work either, but maybe I did not try hard
enough. I still can't believe that you can not use large disks with an
Atari. hddriver is pretty recent and it supports DVDs, so there must be
support for large disks as well. Maybe I simply did not find the right
driver yet? And as I said before, hddrutils recognizes the disk, but does
not allow me to create partitions, since it is the demo version. The author
explicitely says that the CT60 is not supported, people are supposed to try
the demo version first... I think I am missing something else that is
obvious to an Atari user, but thanks for the ideas.


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