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Re: kernel-image-2.6.7

On Sun, 22 Aug 2004, Christian T. Steigies wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 22, 2004 at 09:36:21PM +0200, Kars de Jong wrote:
> > Still some framebuffer problems: when I switched from the boot-up mode
> > (vga70?) to super72-lace, all was fine. When I switched back and forth
> > between vga70 and super72-lace my screen got corrupt and the system
> > actually seems to hang...
> >
> > But that's with a really old fbset, no idea if it matters.
> If it hangs, I guess it matters. But since most of the other framebuffers

I don't think these are related tro amifb. Changing modes (to a different
resolution) with fbset has been broken for a while in 2.6, and it's being
worked on...

Version of fbset should not matter.



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