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Re: m68k und ipv6?

Hi Christian,

just for the record. The 2.4.27 image gives me the same kernel panic as
all others.

I've used the 2.4.27-mac, hope that's ok for my Quadra..

> IPv6 in any m68k kernel-image before 2.4.27 seems to be pretty minimal. I
> activated all IPv6 options and am currently building packages for 2.4.27.
> Please get them from http://people.debian.org/~cts/debian-m68k/kernel-image/
> test and report (upload take a little, q40 is not finished building yet).
> If all goes well, these will be used in the debian-installer for sarge. I
> bet Stephen didn't know this yet ;-)

Best regards,

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