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Re: m68k und ipv6?

Kilian Krause wrote:
Hi Wouter,

What kernel? If it's 2.2, forget it. The IPv6 implementation in 2.2 is
out of date to the point that it won't work with recent implementations.

Yep, i had tried the 2.2.25 from the d-i installation. It does ship with
ipv6, so i gave that a try first. When booting 2.4.25 or 2.4.26 i get a "Kernel panic: Attempted to kill
init" for both kernels.
And the 2.6.7 from Christian is not getting beyond loading the builtin
eth0 module for the SONIC NIC.

Looks like i'm stuck with 2.2.25 and no ipv6 (and no local ipv4 in the
LAN either).

If you've more suggestions how to escape this deadlock, i'm all ears.

I've only read 1 or 2 successtories booting 2.4 kernels on desktop m68k Mac's (I mean apart from the Powerbooks that needed 2.4 for working ADB). Any effort to get a kernel > 2.2.x working on m68k Mac's has been with a 2.6 kernel. The general feeling on the Linux/mac68k mailinglist (if there is any traffic ;-) is that 2.4 is skipped and all development effort concentrates on 2.6.

HTH, Erik.

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