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Re: m68k und ipv6?

Hi Finn,

Am Sa, den 14.08.2004 schrieb Finn Thain um 16:13:
> On Sat, 14 Aug 2004, Kilian Krause wrote:
> > ...
> > When booting 2.4.25 or 2.4.26 i get a "Kernel panic: Attempted to kill
> > init" for both kernels.
> Sounds like init segfaulted. You could try passing init=/bin/sh to the
> kernel.

Nope, no-go with init=/bin/sh. Same segfault "attempted to kill init"..

> > And the 2.6.7 from Christian is not getting beyond loading the builtin
> > eth0 module for the SONIC NIC.
> Yes. I'm afraid my builds from the linux-m68k CVS had the same problem.

hmm, would an 3COM NIC work better? Yet i'm not sure how to disable the
onboard SONIC NIC... 

Best regards,

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