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Re: Pre-compiled for VME box?

On Tue, 2004-08-17 at 06:05, Bill Janssen wrote:
> I have a VME box with a MVME 162-222 and a MVME 320B-1. The 162 I
> know something about but I know very little about the 320B.
> The 162 does not have disk support so the 320B would have to provide the 
> disk
> interface.
> Does the Debian distribution for the 162 have the "smarts" to interface 
> with the 320 card?

The MVME320 is an MFM (ST506) hard disk and floppy controller, for which
no free operating system I know has any support (Debian, NetBSD,

Even if it did, I don't think you'd have much fun with it. I doubt
you'll be able to find any MFM hard disk with a reasonable size. I've
never seen any bigger than 80 MB or so. A quick Google gives a maximum
of 159MB with the Maxtor XT-2190. The card supports a maximum of 2

But like I said, there is no driver for it, nor any documentation. The
card is listed in my 1986/87 edition of the Motorola Semiconductors
"VMEmodule DATA MANUAL" but there's not much info there.

Debian (or rather the Linux kernel) doesn't support any SCSI VME cards
as far as I know.

NetBSD supports some (mostly Sun boards and a Xylogics board) and
OpenBSD supports the MVME328 SCSI controller.

Kind regards,


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