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Re: m68k und ipv6?

Hi Finn,

> I just remembered where I saw this before -- nptl glibc under a non-redhat
> 2.4 kernel. Also, on m68k, I saw this failure when I was booting a kernel
> with an ELF binfmt module not compiled into the kernel, and the kernel
> unable to load it. You might hit this with 2.6 kernels if
> module-init-tools is not installed (unless you compile the ELF support
> into the kernel). Maybe this could happen with your 2.4 kernel if your
> modutils is too old to support 2.4.26 (?)

well, the modutils should be ok. Yet the binfmt might be an issue, yet
as this is the official debian kernel i would not dare thinking this to
be true.

For the 2.6, yes module-init-tools wasn't installed (yet it didn't
matter the kernel didn't boot far enough last time anyway). Yet,
Christian, this needs to be added to the Depends of your kernel-image
(and i wonder why make-kpkg didn't do that itself). 

Looking at the linux-m68k.org page, they only recommend 2.4.0 and 2.4.1
which is obviously not an option (for security reasons). So it looks
like when i have some longer time, i need to look into cross compiling.
Will keep you posted as soon as i have a working configuration.

Best regards,

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