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Re: linux on max problem

Sarge needs more memory to run, I think. It is crashing during the RAM disk startup. It is saying it is trying to read past the end of the block device.

So I am back to trying to get woody to work.

I get to the point where it unpacks the basedebs.tar file. I end up with a directory on my drive called /var and all the files from the basedebs.tar are in it.

But then it tries to find Packages and says it can't find it.

Is there a way to manually install everything in the /var directory that came form basedebs.tar? There are a bunch of .deb files. Is there a deb application or something to extract the debs?

I can't find one anywhere on my ram or hard disk. Please send it if you can as a gz file.

Tony Pitman

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