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Re: Atari Updates for d-i rc2

On Thu, 12 Aug 2004, Petr Stehlik wrote:
> V ?t, 12. 08. 2004 v 14:23, Christian T. Steigies píše:
> > I'd prefer if your patches are in the linx-m68k CVS.
> the stram_swap fix has been accepted by Geert into linux-m68k CVS some
> time ago, as I thought had clearly written in the original mail:
> http://linux-m68k-cvs.apia.dhs.org/~geert/linux-m68k-2.4.x-merging/161-stram.diff
> The penguin logo fix was sent to everybody concerned a hour ago. Not
> sure if Geert accepts it into linux-m68k CVS or if it has to go via the
> fb guys to Linus and then back.

I'll take care of it.



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