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Re: kernel-image-2.6.7

On Thu, Aug 12, 2004 at 01:45:15PM +0200, Kars de Jong wrote:
> This means that there is no handler installed for autovector interrupt
> level 3. According to arch/m68k/mac/macints.c this could either have
> been:
> 1) VIA or RBV macs: unused (?)
> 2) OSS macs: Nubus interrupt
> 3) PSC macs: PSC level 3 - slot 0: MACE
> I have no idea if your Quadra 605 is either of these, or if this list is
> complete.

This list probably isn't complete/accurate. But just to fill in some
side questions, the only OSS mac is the Mac IIfx, and the only PSC
macs are the AV models (C660AV, Q660AV, Q840AV). The Q605 has one
of the odd VIA emulations for VIA2, which could be doing just about
anything for irq3. I'm not sure.

	Brad Boyer

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