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Re: linux on max problem

Tony Pitman wrote:
Sarge needs more memory to run, I think. It is crashing during the RAM disk startup. It is saying it is trying to read past the end of the block device.

Sarge uses the new d-i (debian-installer), which at this point in time still needs a big ramdisk, bigger then the default size. Please look at the archive of the mailinglist. Stephen Marenka has posted a message with the exact kernel-commandline arguments needed for, including the ramdisksize needed for d-i.

So I am back to trying to get woody to work.

I get to the point where it unpacks the basedebs.tar file. I end up with a directory on my drive called /var and all the files from the basedebs.tar are in it.

But then it tries to find Packages and says it can't find it.

Is there a way to manually install everything in the /var directory that came form basedebs.tar? There are a bunch of .deb files. Is there a deb application or something to extract the debs?

I can't find one anywhere on my ram or hard disk. Please send it if you can as a gz file.

If it tries to find Packages.gz while you pointed it to basedebs.tar, I'd jus try and download both, whatever the documentation says.

HTH, Erik.

P.S. There's no need to cc me on replies to the list. I'll read and reply on the list just as quick.

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