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Re: linux on max problem

Well, I am slowly getting closer.

I now have only one scsi drive in my Q700 so I am not locking up on the basedebs.tar.

It chugs away on the basedebs.tar for about 15 mins. Then it takes a look at the debootstrap list files and gives an error that the Packages.gz file was not pre-downloaded. Keep in mind that I have the basedebs.tar on my hard drive (mac partition) and have pointed the Install Base Packages to it.

The install says that you only need EITHER the basedebs.tar OR the Packages.gz (from HTTP or FTP).

Why is the install looking for Packages.gz if I have told it to find basedebs.tar?

I do end up with a directory on my debian disk called var. It contains the .deb files in a sub directory.

Is there maybe a way I can manually install things at this point or do I have to run it through the installer? I would rather do it through the installer, but I am really stuck here.

I have tried to figure out how to install the new sarge stuff, but got lost on what files to download to where for the mac specifically. The help files I was reading were not clear about mac specific and talked about m68k in general. I may give it another try tomorrow.

So I have a linux partition with the kernal and root and the var directory from the basedebs.tar with all the debs in it. Can I get somewhere from here? I would like to get to the point that I can use dpkg or apt-get to install packages that I want to use. I want to end up with a system that I can run x-windows with some desktop and a browser. That is my target. If I can get the C/C++ tools on it and do a little development playing around, that would be a bonus.

Thanks for any help...

Tony Pitman

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